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Super Condensed Classroom Program for JEE (Advanced), 2024

Class :   Class XII

Super Condensed Classroom Program
JEE (Advanced), 2024

54 Hours Program (For XII Studying / Pass Students)
An Exclusive Fast Track Program to Achieve Excellence in JEE Advanced 2024


The program is specially created for students who have qualified for JEE Advanced. The course content and the problem solving sessions are framed considering the aptitude of batches and honing their problem solving skills to make them strategize ‘How to attempt the JEE Advanced Exam’.

Main Features of the Program:

  • Teaching & in-depth revision of all important topics of JEE Advanced to hone students' skills.
  • Small batch size for better personal attention.
  • Regular doubt clearing sessions to plug loopholes & raise student's confidence.
  • Empowering students to develop their own TIME MANAGEMENT strategy to maximize the time available till JEE Advanced.
  • Developing Revision Strategies and inculcating proper examination temperament to achieve optimum performance on JEE Advanced examination day.
  • Periodic performance enhancement tests conducted with thorough analysis for developing better exam temperament.
  • Various topic-wise assignments having unique problems of JEE Advanced level will be given for practicing which enables students to know their strong & weak areas.
  • Computer Based All India Mini Test Series followed by a Concept Strengthening & Test Analysis cum doubt removal program to experience JEE Advanced many times before the real exam.
  • Online Learning, Testing and Analytics Platform for JEE (Advanced) with deep analytics & insights.

Course Structure:

  • An Exclusive & Specialized Study Material will be given to the students consisting of specifically and strategically formulated assignments, which will take care of the needs and demands of JEE pattern.
  • Computer Based Mini Test Series (AITS): To develop Sound Examination Temperament, strategically designed Computer based Online Tests on the pattern and level of difficulty of new pattern of JEE (Advanced) will be given as a part of this Program.
  • A highly competitive environment and constant feedback helps the student to channelize his/her efforts in the right direction.
  • Online Learning, Testing and Analytics Platform for JEE (Advanced) - With deep analytics & insights: It is an Online Platform for Learning through Assessment, Analysis, Identification of Knowledge Gaps and Remedy Options. The test papers are designed to enable you to evaluate your performance in Real JEE conditions. One can figure out his/her performance in various areas as in concept, chapter, subject etc. both in absolute & relative terms. Instant feedback and Analysis helps strategizing for optimum success.

With Online Test Series - You Can

  • Experience simulated test environment for your preparation.
  • Gain insights through in-depth analytics & detailed score report.
  • Benchmark yourself amongst successful aspirants.
  • Identify improvement areas and remedial suggestions.


  • 54 hours (18 hrs. of classes for each subject of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics).


Admission Test Dates – 28th April 2024

Last Date to Register – 2 days prior to the respective Test Dates.

Mode of Registration – Students can either visit the website or for online registration OR they can visit their nearest FIITJEE centre to register in offline mode.

Direct Admission based on the following criteria :

  • All Ex FIITJEEians who had enrolled in any FIITJEE Program for JEE Advanced, 2023.
  • On achievement in various competitive & scholastic exams (please visit to know the benefits / policy in detail).
  • All India Rank (in common rank list) in JEE Advanced 2023.
  • All India Rank (in common rank list) upto 10000 in JEE Main 2023.
  • Based on performance in AITS Advanced test as per the following table
RPI (JEE Adv) in AITS 2023 Advanced Tests Scholarship
1 - 20 Admission Fee of Rs 1000 + GST payable
21 - 100 Admission Fee of Rs 1000 + GST payable
101 - 200 Admission Fee of Rs 1000 + GST payable
201 - 500 100% waiver on TF
501 - 1500 100% waiver on TF
1501 - 3000 90% waiver on TF
3001 - 5000 75% waiver on TF
5001 - 7500 50% waiver on TF
7501 – 10000 35% waiver on TF
10001 – 15000 35% waiver on TF
Above 15000 but has potential to qualify JEE Advanced 25% waiver on TF

Please contact the nearest FIITJEE Centre with your credentials / achievements to know about scholarships / Fee Waivers (If Eligible) and more details. Please visit to know the benefits / policy in detail).

Batch Commencement: The exact batch commencement date may vary from one FIITJEE Centre to another. Please get in touch with your respective FIITJEE Centre to know exact batch commencement date.

Course Fee:

Rs 6800/- Including GST. Please Contact your respective FIITJEE Study Centre to know the exact Course Fee.

*Subject to change, revisions will be made available soon

JEE (Advanced), 2024