Registration Process

Participate in one or more of the below mentioned activities and initiate this voyage of transformation by taking a Personalised Counselling Session, exclusive FIITJEE Seminar / Webinar, Online Aptitude Test inter alia.

Earn incentives in the form of fee waivers up to 99%* on Registration Fee
Quick Registration
Detailed Registration Online Aptitude Test Attend FIITJEE Seminar / Webinar Personal Counselling Session
You can register quickly and conveniently by paying the full fee of
Rs. 1500 (for Class VIII, IX, X, XI & XII).
If you opt for Detailed Registration, it results into our better & comprehensive understanding about you. As a token of our appreciation, you will receive a 50% incentive as waiver on the Registration Fee. Hone your skills prior to the IIT Genius Test by writing the Online Aptitude Test and discover an extra ordinary opportunity to test your mental ability & overall aptitude. By acing this online test, you can earn upto 75% incentive as waiver on the Registration Fee. Attend a FIITJEE Seminar to gain valuable insights and take an informed decision for the journey ahead, unlocking your true potential. Attending a FIITJEE Seminar along with your parents at least 10 days before the last day of registration comes with 50% incentive as waiver on the Registration Fee post filling survey / feedback form over and above the accumulated benefits. We understand the importance of guidance & personalised support in your educational journey. The personal counselling sessions will be tailored to provide you and your parents with valuable insights and guidance about understanding yourself in a much better manner. Attend a counselling session, fill survey / feedback form and gain incentive as fee waiver upto 75% , over and above any accumulated benefits you've earned.
Kindly note that you have the option to choose either a Seminar / Webinar or a Personal Counselling Session. However, only one benefit is applicable between the two choices.

*It is the maximum registration fee waiver that is given when a student completes all the steps given above and registers through his / her school. Please ask your school to get in touch with a FIITJEE Centre for more details.