About IIT Genius Test

FIITJEE is the only institution known for taking initiatives directed towards the welfare of Students (& their parents), and we continue to create opportunities that set new benchmarks of excellence for the student community ! In pursuit of this, IIT Genius is one such life-changing opportunity for Students !

IIT Genius - We dedicate a revolutionary service to the Geniuses of India where 10 Students from each class VIII, IX, X, XI & XII will be bestowed with the honour of 'IIT Genius' title and will also get their Education at IITs sponsored by FIITJEE. The scholarship will cover all institutional expenses, including hostel fee, tuition fee, books fee & reasonable personal expenses*. One doesn’t have to be a FIITJEE Student to avail this Scholarship & Award or even join a Program at FIITJEE after the Award. Selection of Students will be based on IIT Genius Test followed by an interview where Top 30 Students from each class VIII, IX, X, XI & XII will be called to Delhi / Hyderabad.

It’s time to Award the Genius in You and get set for

Free Education at IITs !

Please note that the present cost** of pursuing a 4 Year Graduate / 5 Year Integrated Program at any IIT is approximately Rupees 18 - 20 Lacs (**including reasonable personal expenses).